Orthotics have a correcting effect on feet and relieving effect on pressure complaints. By wearing orthotics your feet will get realigned to their normal position and the body weight will get evenly distributed over the sole of the foot. The way of walking will become more relaxed, performance capacity will increase, pain relief will occur, keratodermia will be stopped, and consequential damage to the joints for example will be avoided.

Put simply proprioception is the learning of missing movement patterns by means of specifically incorporated stimulation points on thin arch supports. The stimulation points activate the selected muscles by stimulating the nerves in order to aquire previously unlearnt movement patterns to correct the gait. Our orthotics are produced using a specially developed computerised production system designed by our own company 

(Footscanner, CAD-modelling,CNC-milling).

If you are a tap dancer, we can offer solutions for these shoes too. Orthotics especially fitted for this type of shoe, thin modelled but with the relieving effect.

producing orthotics

scanner system Basis for producing orthotics is a     foot scan with the complete              patients data and anamnese.
The scanner we use is developed     by our own too, like the                 CAD-modeling system, and allows   to examine the feet zoomed, to       analize the situation of the skin       and shows pressure points

scanner picture

The feet with plantar warts for       example. Further the scan shows 

the type of foot the patient has:

Fallen arch, high arch,                   metatarsalgy, ulcers...